A Laker badly snubbed by the league? Fans rage!

At the end of the season, the NBA continues to unveil certain individual awards, and the results are still much discussed. For example, a young Lakers has obviously been forgotten in a specific category, and the fans do not accept it.

This season in Los Angeles, rare are the players who could have claimed an individual award… Indeed, if Anthony Davis is usually a name that comes up in the Defender of the Year race, he’s been in the infirmary far too often to have a real chance. Likewise, despite monstrous statistics, LeBron James didn’t win enough matches to make a splash in the MVP race.

In fact, the only one who could have received a nice reward is Austin Reaves, the young rookie who has done great service for the Purple and Gold, especially on the defensive side. So no, he couldn’t have been Rookie of the Year, his impact being well below that of a Scottie Barnes or an Evan Mobley. On the other hand, a place in an All-Rookie team would not have been usurped… Unfortunately, the voters made another choice.

Austin Reaves Snubbed All-Rookie Teams?

Whether it’s first or second team All-Rookie, Austin Reaves’ name doesn’t appear, which has annoyed more than one Lakers fan. It must be said that the young rear was particularly good in a franchise in distress, with 7.3 points and 3.2 rebounds on average, but above all an incredible defense. It is no coincidence that he finished the season with the best +/- of the team, ahead of LeBron James for example. For fans, this oversight is unforgivable.

Austin Reaves was not selected to the First or Second Team All-Rookie.


In the end, Austin Reaves only received two All-Rookie Second Team votes, which isn’t a lot for a player with his impact. It’s up to him to use this result as motivation to come back even stronger next season.

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