A Kyrie / Simmons trade possible ?!

By their strong choices concerning their situation in their respective franchise, Kyrie Irving and Ben Simmons will have placed themselves as the great animators of the offseason. Both possibly on the start, would an outright exchange be possible? The question begins to appear!

One has recently taken a step forward towards his franchise; the other has just seen his leaders distance themselves from him. Key players in the offseason in the NBA, Ben simmons and Kyrie Irving seem to be taking the opposite path. When the first seemed promised a departure from the 76ers under pressure, his counterpart seemed well established in Brooklyn.

But because nothing is ever set in stone in the league, their situations completely changed in the span of a few hours. Back in Philadelphia, the Australian wishes to facilitate his trade. At the same time, Uncle Drew was laid off by his leaders, via an inflammatory press release. Two developments that have pushed Chris Mannix to Sports Illustrated to a thought to say the least interesting.

Kyrie Irving / Ben Simmons, the perfect trade for Nets and 76ers?

It’s hard to find any reason to argue that an Irving-Simmons trade wouldn’t make sense. There are of course some extra-sporting variables (especially Irving’s willingness to play Philly in the long run), but the two come across as ideal fits with the other team. Simmons’ defense? The Nets need it. Irving’s offensive talent? The Sixers would love him.

On paper, the compatibility of the two men with their potential new team is beyond doubt. Kyrie’s science of scoring would provide Philly with unprecedented power. Simmons’ defensive rigor would do a lot of good for the Nets who were sorely lacking last year. It remains to be seen whether the « variables » mentioned by Mannix can be overridden.

Anyway, Stephen A. Smith assured on the set of First Take that Sean Marks and his deputies wouldn’t be against getting rid of their star point guard.

I fully applaud the Nets for making this decision. I’ve said this in the past, and I’ll say it again. They would give his boyfriend for a box of cookies if they could. They are so disgusted with this guy. I just tell you what I know.

The next few hours, even weeks, will allow us to say if this possibility of transfer can possibly lead to real rumors, or even to materialize in blockbuster trade!

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