a King has fallen from the hands of one of the contenders for his kingdom, it’s more the NBA it’s Game Of Thrones

Only two games last night but as Wejdene would say, the feelings run deep. Qualification of the Nuggets of a huge Nikola Jokic to the detriment of a no less fabulous but too lonely Damian Lillard, qualification of an exceptional Devin Booker to the detriment of a LeBron James at the end of the roll, in short this night was intense as a good coffee around 3am, and to tell the truth it’s… exactly the NBA we love, an NBA full of beautiful and less beautiful stories.

The matches of the night

What you must remember

Blazers – Nuggets: a match once again of a crazy offensive quality. The Blazers first took the lead despite an astronomical first quarter from Michael Porter Jr., then gradually Denver caught up with the awakening of the beast Jokic and the very good contribution of Monte Morris in particular. Terry Stotts and his air defense could not do anything, Damian Lillard was once again too lonely, and the Nuggets are therefore advancing quietly towards an incredibly new semi-finals against the Suns, my god it’s refreshing.

Lakers – Suns: it was like the end of the world that night in Arizona. An Anthony Davis finally on his feet but… for only a few minutes, the pain being too strong to try anything tonight on the Lakers side. Without AD it already laughs much less and it will not even laugh at all twenty minutes later because this kind of jerk Devin Booker will plant the trifle of 22 points at 8/9 shooting including 6/6 from the parking lot… in the first quarter. Huh? Yeah, oh well, okay. The Lakers are on the ropes, LeBron pulls his face and walks headlong, Wes Matthews is a huge fraud and Kyle Kuzma is even more zero, in short it is the stampede in the gorges and if the +30 of the second quarter (…) will finally see the champions react, a little, the delta was too big between the second best team in the League this season and the tired Lakers, at the end of the roll. LeBron is on vacation after losing in the first round for the first time in his career, Devin Booker put 47 points in his royal teeth, the end of the world you are told.

The top pick in TTFL: Devin Booker

The Top 10: THE

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Series update

  • Bucks – Heat: 4-0
  • Net – Celtics: 4-1
  • Sixers – Wizards: 4-1
  • Knicks – Hawks : 1-4
  • Clippers – Mavericks: 2-3
  • Nuggets – Blazers: 4-2
  • Suns – Lakers: 4-2
  • Jazz – Grizzlies: 4-1

The evening program

  • 3h: Mavericks – Clippers

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