“a huge challenge” for Chelsea, admits Potter

Potter: “It’s a top-level team, like Salzburg (1-1). Every game is different but we can’t wait to play this game. It will be a huge challenge. It’s important to win home games. They impressed me a lot. They have a very clear idea of ​​how they want to attack and how they want to defend. They are able to score in very different ways. »

A “real difference” with the championship

Potter: “There is a real difference. I’ve only coached two games here, which is weird considering how long I’ve been here. But I really enjoyed this experience. It’s a real challenge if we’re not at our best, we can get away with it but with this type of team in front, we are punished if we’re not at our best level and that’s what that there is exciting”.

« Not many players like Kanté in football »

Potter: “N’Golo is training more and more but not yet at 100%. It will have to be brought back gradually. There will not be a moment when he will be put back and he will be able to chain 90 minutes every three days right away. We will have to be careful in the gradual increase in playing time. The next challenge will be to give him a few minutes in the Premier League, piece by piece. We will have to be patient with him but we will do our best.

It’s hard to replace a world-class player like him. Any team without him would suffer. It’s up to the players to find the solution. We have a lot of matches to come and little time for training, so it’s not easy. But if there is no direct replacement, other solutions exist. It’s up to us to find the right one. (On a possible extension) It’s between the club and him. My goal is for him to be in good shape, to enjoy his game because there are not many players like him in football. »

No rush to appoint a number one keeper

Potter: “When you look at all the matches over the next six weeks, we have an incredible schedule, so I’m not looking forward to labeling it as number one or number two. We want Kepa to have fun and play again at his best level and help Édouard (Mendy) to be ready to play. When this is the case, we will have two good goalkeepers. Ideally we would like football to decide, but we will have two goalkeepers in whom we believe and it will be a good situation for us. »

« Very Impressed » by Leao

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