A hot team to relaunch John Wall’s career!


Mired in the doldrums of Houston, John Wall no longer has much to do with the player of the early 2010. However, his stalled career could well be revived. According to rumors, a candidate for the playoffs would have views on the leader.

After graduating from Kentucky in 2010, John Wall immediately made a strong impression on the Wizards. With almost a double-double average in nine years at DC (19 points and 9.2 assists), the dragster has more than honorable figures. Unfortunately, a big injury in 2019 caused him to miss a whole year of competition, before he was sent to the Rockets last fall.

In Houston, the former No. 1 draft seems to be slowly falling into the pockets of the big league. His franchise itself wishes to part ways with him. And precisely, an ex-leader who remained anonymous revealed to NBA Analysis Network that a competitor would be interested in it. And it would simply be New York:

The Knicks have some level of interest in John Wall. Houston would like to transfer him and get something of value for him. It’s not suitable for the Rockets for the long haul, and if New York really wants it, they have the parts to make a deal. Wall isn’t their top priority this season, but he could be a great fallback option and the interest is there.

The least we can say is that the Knicks’ interest may seem surprising. Indeed, if there is a real need for the position of leader, Derrick Rose being a free agent at the end of the season, we doubt that Wall is really a good choice. The boy has been carrying around with him a heavy liability on the physical level for several seasons, as well as a rather bad reputation as a teammate …

But the biggest concern comes from his salary. It’s simple, J-Wall must still touch nearly 92 million over two years after this exercise. Not only would that put a strain on NY’s finances, but it also seems complicated at the moment to know what package Leon Rose and Scott Perry would have to offer. Few players will be on contract next year, and the only one to hit more than $ 10 million a season is Julius Randle.

In the event that it did eventually work, however, Houston would have pulled it off, getting rid of a toxic contract. A good way to rebuild on a healthy basis, with a workforce that is still quite young. If Wall were to stay anyway, then the Texans might be tempted by the stretch provision, which would allow them to cut him by spreading his salary over several years. Not the best of scenarios either …

John Wall in New York? For now, it is still hard to believe it. Imagining the former Wizards integrating effectively into Tom Thibodeau’s systems remains complicated. In any case, it will be necessary to watch for a possible confirmation from the Knicks during the offseason.


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