A holder of the Nets operated and out for 2 months!

While the Nets are getting off to a decent start to the season, despite obvious problems, the franchise has just learned of a starting injury. And unfortunately, his absence is likely to last for a while.

With a 14-6 record, the Nets have been pretty good since the start of this season. However, the criticisms are numerous, in particular because of defeats against the favorites in the title. Steve Nash’s men clearly have room for improvement, and this is the case with James Harden, who is struggling on this exercise. His skill is down, while his bullet losses explode.

This is not a good situation for Brooklyn, although panicking is unnecessary. The regular season is long, and there is plenty of time to fix it all before the start of the playoffs. But while waiting for the next deadlines, the franchise has suffered a first hard blow, not necessary without Kyrie Irving.

Joe Harris absent a long time for the Nets!

Bad news for the Nets, it is Joe Harris who will squat in the infirmary for a while. In question, an ankle injury which requires going through the operation box. A potential holder, and incidentally one of the best shooters of the moment. Needless to say, this is a massive blow to Nash and his men.

Joe Harris is expected to miss 4 to 8 weeks due to ankle surgery. It should repair a small bone particle in the ankle.

A good month of absence in sight for Harris, or even more if the recovery goes badly enough. For now, no information on the subject, although there is hope:

There is optimism that Harris may return to the Nets earlier than in the alluded to timeline.

Losing Joe Harris is definitely a big blow to the Nets. Steve Nash will have to find a back-up solution, but with the absence of Kyrie Irving, the backcourt takes another blow.

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