a free streaming platform 100% dedicated to football

This is a great surprise for all football fans, since FIFA has just launched its own streaming platform. Called FIFA +, the latter is completely free, and available both in web version, but also on iOS as on Android. A new streaming platform that aims to be the Netflix of football, with users having access to many archives and other original programs.

FIFA+: the Netflix of football?

If Ligue 1 fans can already enjoy their passion through the streaming offer offered by Amazon, they will no doubt be delighted to add yet another streaming offer to their favorites, with this FIFA+.

Obviously, this is a platform entirely dedicated to football, on which FIFA promises to broadcast a large number of matches each year, including the possibility of viewing certain legendary matches. For you, the Argentina / England meeting of 1986 or the 1982 World Cup final between Italy and the FRG, without forgetting the last final between France and Croatia in 2018.

The FIFA+ platform not only offers streaming content, but also displays information such as the results of all matches, but also fairly advanced statistics. To the archives and other best of from various past competitions are added a few documentaries, including a documentary on Ronaldinho, Happiness according to Ronniebut also on Dani Alves, on Diego Maradona, on the Asian odyssey of the South Korea team in 2002 or even on emblematic scorers like Ronaldo or Toto Schillacci .. Note that women’s football is also put in the spotlight with an entirely dedicated section.

As mentioned above, the other good news about this FIFA+ is that it’s free. All you have to do is go to the website or application to immediately launch the content of your choice. From the end of 2022, FIFA+ will stream the equivalent of 40,000 live matches each year, played in 100 member associations from the six confederations, including 11,000 women’s football matches.

It remains to be seen how the service will evolve over the next few months, but for now, we have to admit that this is an excellent surprise, which will in particular allow football fans to rediscover many legendary matches and players.

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