a free game with cash and NBA Store vouchers to be won for the best tipsters

With this new NBA season which has just started, a new game has just emerged from our partner ParionsSport point of sale: the 6 Major. A game in which participation is free, upon registration, and which can bring in great sums or vouchers in the NBA Store! What does this game consist of? How to participate ? We explain everything below.

First of all, you are now used to it, we remind you of this very important reminder in the context of sports betting: so that it remains fun and does not become in any case a problem, be careful to bet only the amounts that you can afford to lose. Advice as simple as it is effective with the #FaitesPasLesboloss which goes well.

What is it about ?

If you follow the NBA a little, you know that each month the Great League awards, in the East as in the West, a few individual rewards: the player of the month, the rookie of the month and the coach of the month. That makes 6 awards in all. The game of 6 Major Quite simply, you can predict, at the beginning of each month, the winners of the three trophies in the East and in the West. Which makes 6 winners to predict, each month. This will be offered to you 5 times this season: there in late October with the month of November then in December, January, February and March.

How does the ranking work?

Each prediction has a number of points assigned to it and a different rating. Players of the month are worth 20 points each while Rookies and Coaches of the month are worth 10 points. If you select the right guy, that number of points will be multiplied by the rating that is assigned to your choice. For example, this month, for Joel Embiid player of the month: odds at 4.75. So if you bet on the pivot of the Sixers and it is he who is elected player of the month at the end of November, you will have 20 x 4.75 or 95 points. Nate McMillan coach of the month, the odds are 6 so can bring 6 x 10 points or 60 points. The points obtained on your good predictions are cumulative and determine your ranking. Each month, the first 5 win prizes (the list is available for consultation HERE) make cash and vouchers in the NBA Store or even, in certain months, travel to the United States to see a game !!

How to play ?

To participate, go to HERE on the Parions Sport website point of sale. Validate your 6 choices (you have from October 19 to 26 for the current period) Then all you have to do is fill in some information (last name, first name, date of birth, an email) and your predictions will be recorded! All you have to do is wait until the end of the month to find out your ranking.

6 Major

Here you are, you know everything about this new game, which will allow you to reveal the expert, with or without h, that there is in you (the real ones and the real ones will have the ref). Good luck to all !

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