A franchise would be hot to recover Westbrook this season!

While some announced it finished for the highest level, Russell Westbrook has found some rhythm in recent weeks, and with that the interest of the franchises. According to an insider, a team would also monitor the situation of the leader and would be ready to pounce on him at the first big opportunity.

Since he came off the bench, Russell Westbrook regains color and public support in Los Angeles. Finally free to organize the game with the substitutes, the point guard can give rhythm to the attack of the Lakers, find his unmarked partners, attack the basket when he hears it. His influence is clearly beneficial to the Darvin Ham system and recent victories confirm this.

However, the road to the playoffs remains complicated and nothing says that the Purple and Gold will be there next spring. If they fail to raise the bar, Rob Pelinka will no doubt be tempted to blow up the group and trade one or two key pieces from the current rotation. The point guard will obviously be in the rumor mill if that’s the case.

Miami interested in Russell Westbrook?!

The question is therefore to know which franchise would be ready to recover a man who touches 47 million and who will be a free agent within a few months. Blacher Report’s Eric Pincus has been doing his little league survey, and obviously a pretty disappointing team at the moment would be watching Mr. Triple-Double. But he will not be recruited on any condition:

I think the Pistons don’t see Russell Westbrook, Patrick Beverley or Kendrick Nunn as important players in their rotation, so they could accept any of the three to rid the Lakers. And if Russell Westbrook has to be cut before the end of the season, by Los Angeles or another franchise after a trade, everyone in the league thinks he’ll go to Miami.

Following his talks with several NBA leaders, Eric Pincus believes that Russell Westbrook would sign in Miami if he had the choice. It must be said that the Heat need help with the injuries and the disappointing results, so they could quickly find a place for themselves in the rotation. And then, you have to find a reliable solution to blow Kyle Lowry, who will start sticking out his tongue.

Kyle Lowry is the most played with 656 minutes. No other player 35 or older exceeds 500.

Very fit since coming off the bench, Russell Westbrook seems to be regaining credit in the eyes of the leaders. If the Lakers decide to part with him, he could well commit to Miami to support Kyle Lowry. And his duet with Jimmy Butler could make sparks.

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