A franchise already thoroughly on Victor Wembanyama?!

Brooklyn Nets NBA superstar Kevin Durant has been very complimentary of Victor Wembanyama's great American rival Chet Holmgren

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If Victor Wembanyama should only appear in the draft in a year, some franchises are already scrambling to have a chance to select him. A large displacement from the West would also be cleaning up, in order to accommodate the pivot when the time comes!

The 2022 edition of the draft has just ended, but all eyes are already on next year’s. 2023 will thus see the arrival of several extremely promising young shoots, such as the US Scout player Henderson. But it is above all on the side of France that attention is at its peak, since Victor Wembanyama has been announced as the favorite in the first pick for a long time, by a large majority of analysts.

The young French interior presents a gigantic potential, some even claiming he could become the GOAT. The battle for the first draft pick will therefore be incredibly violent, and the Spurs would apparently do anything to get pole position. Dejounte Murray has been considered leaving for their side for a while, and there was talk in particular of a deal with the Hawks who would send John Collins in exchange. Except that the counterpart could in fact be much more modest!

Spurs want to rack up draft picks for 2023

Speaking with multiple sources around the NBA, many believe the Hawks are close to mounting a trade for San Antonio All-Star guard Dejounte Murray. However, it looks like John Collins is not part of the deal. It would instead revolve around Danilo Gallinari and several 1st round picks. Spurs are preparing for the future and the 2023 draft.

Insofar as the Texans part ways with their best player, they could end up with multiple first-round picks a year from now. However, without Murray to lead them, it is difficult to see them finish with a good record next season. Could the franchise downright tank discreetly? It is quite possible, the prospect of recovering Wembz in the draft being extremely attractive. Remember that he is the protege of Tony Parker, formerly of the house.

From then on, they could if necessary try a package with several picks in exchange for the n°1, if ever the lottery was not favorable to them in a few months. Such an offer would have something to appeal to a rebuilding team, and the tactic could therefore work. Incidentally, for a little historical note: the last time the Spurs got the first choice, it was in 1997. The lucky winner at the time, a certain Tim Duncan… and we know the rest. Bis repetita with the Habs?

Behind the scenes, the Spurs would thus already prepare the 2023 draft, wishing imperatively to obtain Victor Wembanyama. Given the success of the Texans with the FIBA ​​stamped players, the base would perhaps be ideal for the ASVEL nugget.

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