A former ridiculed himself on the new Boston coach, LeBron violently trolls him

After a few weeks of research, Boston executives have finally found a new headcoach. The arrival of the latter, however, pushed a former player into a frankly laughable controversy. LeBron James did not hesitate to troll him in good standing on social networks.

It’s official, the new Boston coach is named Ime Udoka. Long assistant to Gregg Popovich at Spurs, then Steve Nash in Brooklyn, the former NBA player will have his first experience as a team head coach. A hell of an event for the person concerned, very appreciated within the league.

No wonder, then, that many observers praised the new tactician. On the other hand, Jay Williams has meanwhile totally crashed in his words! The consultant at ESPN has indeed split the following post on Twitter, which quickly made the buzz:

The first black coach in the history of the Celtics… and above all, and this is the most important… a talented individual, who finally gets what he deserves!

Suffice to say that something is seriously wrong in this sentence. After all, the C’s coach from 2004 to 2013, and who won the title in 2008 with Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce & co. is none other than… Doc Rivers, who is definitely not a white man. Oops.

Understandably, Williams got busted in style on social media, even though he has since deleted his tweet. Not fast enough, however, to escape the vigilance of Lebron james, who was not deprived to laugh at the stupidity of the unfortunate:

Jay Williams cannot have said that Ime Udoka is the first black coach in Celtics history. It must be a Photoshop montage.

James : We agree, eh? It can only be that!?!? It would be better 🤔🤣🤣

Jay Williams was damn messed up on this one, and LeBron James didn’t miss it. We are now waiting for Doc Rivers’ response, just to top off this embarrassing situation!

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