A former Pro A arrives at the Lakers!

Just over a month from the start of the season, the Lakers are continuing to overhaul their team with a few minor tweaks. Some French fans are also likely to know the newcomer to the franchise, passed by the Pro A!

Since Ronny Turiaf, the Purple & Gold jersey does not necessarily succeed in its tricolor wearers. More generally, rare are the French recruited by the Lakers who have met with success there. Recently, the young talents of Joel Ayayi and Sekou Doumbouya have not managed to integrate the rotation of the franchise on a long-term basis. That doesn’t mean, however, that France has no place with the Angelinos.

Passed by France, an ex-NCAA star joins the Lakers

Instead of looking for a link between France and the Lakers on the NBA floors, it is better to look into the organization chart of the franchise to find one. For example, in recent months, Carmelo Anthony’s physiotherapist was none other than Fabrice Gauthier, currently on the staff of the Blues at the Euro. From now on, it is a former member of Pro A who is preparing to take up a position there, namely… Daniel Ewing!

Jim Hicks: Congratulations in advance to former All-American player Daniel Ewing. He should soon be integrated into the staff of the Los Angeles Lakers, in which he will work as a scout.

Daniel Ewing: It’s officially official!

At 39, Ewing therefore finds Los Angeles, where he spent his two NBA seasons under the colors of the Clippers between 2005 and 2007. Following this first adventure in the professional world, the former Dukie traveled around Europe, where he among other things, settled down at Paris-Levallois, in 2013-14, then at Le Mans the following season. An experience on the Old Continent which should serve him well in his new role.

As a scout, Ewing could why not be invited to follow the European championships, and to unearth the stars of tomorrow. His passages in Russia, Poland, Ukraine, Turkey, France, Lithuania, Israel and Romania will then be of great use to him, and will possibly allow other French prospects to eventually join the NBA in as long as Lakers!

With two seasons in Pro A to his credit, Daniel Ewing will be able to bring all his knowledge of the French championship to the front office of the Lakers. A good way for the French nuggets to dream of a future in the Pourpre et Or jersey!

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