a former National player arrested for drug trafficking

Former player Kristopher Vicente (32) was indicted and then remanded in custody after his arrest last January. He is suspected of having played the role of nanny for drug traffickers, whose goods he allegedly kept.

Co-author of the book entitled « The godfathers of football », a work in which he explores the dark side of football, Stéphane Sellami knows this world plagued by banditry well. In an article published on the L’Équipe website, he reveals, with Simon Bolle, that a former National player was arrested as part of an investigation into vast drug trafficking. This is Kristopher Vicente, passed by the Belgian D1, a player who has been familiar with the high level several times during his career.

Indicted at the end of his custody

After passing through the Espoirs pole then the Châteauroux training center in the 200s, he headed for Italy (Vicenza in Serie B) then Belgium (Charleroi in D1, FC Brussels in D2), « sometimes as a semi-professional », specify the authors of these revelations. Originally from Dreux, Kristopher Vicente was arrested in this town of Eure-et-Loir on January 25, by investigators from the narcotics brigade of the Versailles judicial police.

The 32-year-old man was reportedly arrested with 4.5 kilos of heroin, 500 grams of cocaine and a handgun in his possession, products found inside the apartment where he was at the time of his interpellation. Kristopher Vicente would have participated in the delivery of narcotics from the Netherlands, a traffic that would have fed Dreux and more broadly the great West to Brittany.

The footballer, licensed at CO Cherisy (Departmental 2), was indicted at the end of his police custody by a judge from the Specialized Interregional Court (Jirs) of Paris then placed in pre-trial detention in the remand center of Bois d’Arcy (Yvelines).

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