A former Everton player in 260 Premier League games signed in… 2nd departmental division in Deux-Sèvres

Louzy, a small town of 1,400 inhabitants in Deux-Sèvres, and whose club plays in the second departmental division, has just recorded a reinforcement of weight with the arrival of its new star: Tony Hibbert, former player of Everton, near 300 Premier League matches on the clock.

ES Louzy would have every interest in increasing its presence on social networks. Because the recruitment of a former player of Everton in the second district division caused a stir in England. Tony Hibbert, more than 20 years in the service of the Toffees, has just taken a senior license at 40, in the thouarsais club. The information was revealed on the Facebook account of ES Louzy, current 8th in the northern hen of the second departmental division.

The former English right-back settled three years ago with his family in Saint-Martin-de-Mâcon, a stone’s throw from Louzy, Ouest-France tells us. « He wanted to escape notoriety, he was a little fed up with being harassed on each of his outings, he found a quiet little corner, explains Jérôme Archambault, the president of Louzy, to our colleagues. He took part. at the club tournament on Ascension Thursday, and we’ve been in touch ever since. « 

The spirit of camaraderie rather than competition

« Recently, he was already taking care of the U13s, said President Louzéen to the New Republic about the native of Liverpool. » He was itching a bit. Coming back to the basics of football after such a career is good for him. The idea is that he brings us his experience, and that he takes pleasure, adds President Archambault. We’re a family club, and I think that’s what he liked, which was the camaraderie rather than the competitive spirit. « 

Already eligible to play in the league, still in shape, Tony Hibbert could make his debut on Sunday, December 5 on the lawn of Cerizay. Hibbert made his Everton debut just over twenty years ago, in a Premier League game on the West Ham lawn. He played 329 games for Everton without scoring a goal, before retiring in 2016, five and a half years ago.

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