A first patient transferred from Lévis to Rimouski

A first patient with COVID-19 had to be transferred from Lévis to Rimouski due to a lack of hospital capacity, and we continue to prepare for worse in the region.

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What was only a “worst-case scenario” quickly materialized at the CISSS in Chaudière-Appalaches.

A positive COVID patient, in his seventies and in intensive care, was transferred to the Rimouski hospital late Wednesday evening.

The decision, « solution of last resort », comes with a complex organization.

“These are critically ill patients,” explains Dr.r Jean Lapointe, Deputy Director of Professional Services of the CISSS.

The destination center must also be able to accommodate the patient. This explains the choice of Rimouski.

“It’s coordinated by the Intensive Care Bed Occupancy Optimization Center, which has a profile of all the beds in the province. […] Of course, it would be easier in Quebec, but there, they are in the same boat, ”says the manager.

Increase still to be expected

With a decrease of two hospitalizations Thursday, the region was able to breathe a little. Even if we hope to avoid other transfers, they are not impossible, warns the Dr The point.

« In intensive care, we went down to 13 patients on 16 beds, but it remains critical, » says the doctor.

Especially since the current hospitalizations are the result of contaminations during the Easter leave period, analyzes the manager. The results of the last two weeks, sometimes nearly 500 total cases in the greater Quebec City area, do not bode well.

« Today we are paying in our hospitals for what happened 10 or 15 days ago in Quebec, with more than 400 cases, » the Minister of Health, Christian Dubé, also pointed out at a press briefing.

“The next few weeks, it does not look good. We will probably increase further and it will take a few weeks before it goes down ”, sees the Dr The point.


In Quebec, we specify that we have not yet managed to have to transfer patients.

The CHU indicates that it has the human resources to open other beds.

As for the IUCPQ, we continue to « tie in with regional partners » and the load shedding has not been increased since the start of the week. Between 15% and 67% of activities are moved according to the departments.

On the South Shore, it is the workforce issue that is critical. According to Dr. Lapointe, “we ride with 40% to 60% of the normal workforce”.

« All this to do the same job, in addition to COVID, vaccination and screening, ”said the doctor, specifying that the load shedding varied between 40% and 70% depending on the departments. “We can’t go any further”.

Regional review

As mentioned, for the first time in a few days, hospitals in the region benefited from a day without a significant increase in admissions. Despite everything, there are 145 patients in Quebec City and 40 on the South Shore.

Some 171 cases, in addition to three deaths, were added on the South Shore, while there were 150 in Quebec, with one additional death.

Latest assessment of hospitalizations in Quebec and Lévis

(Number of patients / current maximum capacity)

CHU of Quebec

  • Excluding intensive care: 74
  • Intensive care : 24

(The CHU does not reveal the maximum capacity)


  • Excluding intensive care: 28/35
  • Intensive care : 12/14

Hôtel-Dieu in Lévis

  • Excluding intensive care: 18/26
  • Intensive care : 13/16

Sources: CHU de Québec, IUCPQ and CISSS Chaudière-Appalaches

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