A first look at NHL 21 in August

Fans of the EA Sports NHL franchise will finally be able to get a taste of the upcoming game in the coming weeks.

Featured Image Source: From EA Sports

On Tuesday evening, EA announced to its players that they will be able to get their first look at NHL 21 at the end of August.

“We’ll provide more details as we get closer to the official reveal,” says EA Sports.

This year, the game will be released a month later than usual, which is October rather than September.

« This year has been filled with extraordinary circumstances and we have had to make major adjustments to develop the game from home, it is explained. This transition has been very successful and we are happy to say that the game is on the right track. We only need a few more weeks to do the polishing, tweaking and fixing some bugs. ”

In addition, EA Sports made it clear that its NHL 21 game was not designed specifically for new generation consoles. However, the game will still be compatible with the latter.

« NOTWe made the decision to focus on innovation and adding new features rather than the daunting task of porting the game to a new tech console. You will still be able to play NHL 21 on next-gen consoles, but our focus is fully focused on launching NHL 21 on the Xbox One and PS4. ”

“We look forward to the opportunities that next generation systems will bring us in the future,” EA concludes.

In the NHL professional community, the announcement was generally well received.

« It’s something I appreciate because if the game had been designed for next-generation consoles, I would have had to fully adapt to this new console, » says Samuel « Canadiens-27 » Landry. Usually, when a new console comes out, the gameplay change a bit, he continues. It’s still NHL, but there are a lot of little details that change, especially when it comes to the way goals are scored. ”

« I am pleasantly surprised because honestly, I believed that the game would not be released until December », for his part reacted Safir « SafirSnipezGOLD » Sodouri.

The postponement of one month for the game’s release does not leave “Canadiens-27” indifferent.

“It bothers me a bit in the sense that some tournaments will probably be postponed,” he explains. Also, right now we’re in the NHL 20 offseason so we’ll have to wait about 80 more days before the next game is released. ”

NHL 21 is scheduled for public release on October 16.

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