a first for the Vendée Constance Picaud


The 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup
started since Thursday, July 20 in New Zealand and Australia, but Les Bleues are playing their first match this Sunday, July 23, 2023 in Sydney against the Jamaicans. Les Bleues showed great things during the preparation matches with successes against Ireland (3-0), Canada (2-1) and Colombia (5-2).

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« She already had great potential as a goalkeeper » – Claudie Durand, former coach of Constance Picaud

The Vendée guardian Constance Picaud, 25 years old, playing his very first World Cup. She made her debut at the Beauvoir-sur-Mer club. Born in Challans, she never forgot where she came from, something to rejoice Claudie Durand, her very first trainerwho knew the footballer from the age of 9 to 14: « Constance started football at nine years old and joined a group of boys that had been in place for two or three years, remembers Claudie Durand. She was the only girl, and she therefore arrived in a rather special context. She integrated very well, and we spotted a very good potential as a goalkeeper. She disgusted the opposing teams, because they saw her coming and said to themselves that she was only a girl, but at the end of the match, they became disillusioned quickly and went to congratulate her because she played very well. It’s a source of great pride, because as an educator, you don’t necessarily expect so much success. Constance remains very accessible even today and she does not forget where she comes from. »

The kick-off of the Les Bleues match is this sunday at noon (French time).


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