A first circuit for Juan Soto in San Diego

Going into yesterday’s game, the Padres were struggling to produce runs. Even if Juan Soto put the ball in play, he was alone in the world in San Diego.

In fact, ever since he wished the other pitchers good luck, the Padres were in bad shape. Their 1-5 record, 23 scoreless innings and .191 collective batting average spoke volumes.

But yesterday, in the fourth inning, he hit his first homer since the Nationals sent him to hot California.

He thus ended a streak of 26 innings without scoring for the Padres after motivating his team in the dugout.

Soto hit the trails three times yesterday. We are talking about two hits and a walk.

In seven games in San Diego, the outfielder had eight safe runs, had just two strikeouts and walked six.

The table was therefore set to seek victory, especially since Josh Hader was going to have his first chance to save a game for the Padres.

However, he gave up a three-run homer to tie the game…

But luckily for him, the Giants didn’t score again and star Manny Machado ended the game minutes later.

He hit a game-winning three-run homer in the bottom of the ninth to give the team a 7-4 win. What a game!

It was a victory that did the Padres good. Imagine what it will be like when Fernando Tatis Jr. is back, he who is progressing well in the minors.

And in the standings, it allows the Padres to stay in the race. Yesterday, almost all the teams that can make the playoffs in the National won.

round 10
  • Another hit for Charles Leblanc.
  • Bo Bichette’s two homers yesterday weren’t enough to beat the Orioles. Vladdy, however, hit a hit in his 20th straight game.
  • The Mariners won 1-0 in 13 innings against the Yankees. The Bombardiers made four errors on the trail in extra innings and all pitchers (especially Gerrit Cole and Luis Castillo) were dominant.
  • Perhaps Tim Raines would advise him to empty his pockets before going to play.
  • The Rockies crushed the Cardinals yesterday.

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