A first circuit among the pros for Austin Martin

The New Hampshire Fisher Cats are fortunate enough to have a big roster. Among them, we count the Quebecer Otto Lopez, who continues to drive at full speed.

Just yesterday he hit two more hits.

Result? While Austin Martin and Jordan Groshans were producing less – partly because of injuries – early in the season, the Fisher Cats had production from Lopez and also Gabriel Moreno.

But in recent days, Martin has taken his step to go. He notably has 10 hits in his last eight games, which has brought his average (.278) down to more acceptable standards for a first pick.

Yesterday he notably hit his very first long ball in professional baseball.

As we can see, we are talking about a big slap on the opposing pitcher’s rapid. This followed a long appearance at batting.

Reading about him, we feel more and more that the experts consider that he is maturing as a player. His eye stick is better. He places the ball in play more often. In short, it takes its rhythm.

It remains to be seen if he can continue on his streak.

10th Round
  • Charles Leblanc bought himself a tour on his birthday.
  • The three most exciting Juniors in the LB lead the league in the circuits.
  • The Pirates must be relieved to see him again.
  • Our thoughts are with him.
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