A first career hit for Gabriel Moreno

This afternoon, Gabriel Moreno made his Major League debut. How did this happen? Still good, volume.

There was a bit of an adjustment period, but soon he threw a nice shot to try and prevent a stolen base. We know he has a big arm.

Bo Bichette didn’t catch the shot, but in the end the shortstop was charged with an error and Moreno had his first guy out on a steal attempt.

And at bat, after going 0-for-3, he hit a late game hit.

He tried to start a breakthrough to turn the game around (and he crossed home on a George Springer hit), but the Jays still lost 3-1, in the end.

Still, he had fun and Kevin Gausman (six innings pitched and one earned run) enjoyed working with him.

Note that in this match, Matt Chapman did not play (it was planned), but he did not come to strike at the end of the match because his wrist hurts.

We don’t know if it’s serious, but it’s something to watch out for.

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