a Ferrari V8 GTI!

Among the many delusions of the Italian designer Franco Sbarro, the Super Eight has always been talked about since 1984. It is a compact car for the less exclusive!

In the early 1980s, GTIs were as popular as SUVs today. First model of its kind to have enjoyed great commercial success, the Golf GTI dream of many motorists while Peugeot has just thrown itself into the water with its new 205 GTI.

For his part, the designer Franco Sbarro is inspired by the international rally and more particularly the famous Group B. These machines are tailor-made prototypes to go as soon as possible.

After the Super Twelve presented in nineteen eighty onewhose particularity is to have a 12-cylinder in-line enginehe returns to 1984 with the Super Eight who is satisfied with V8.

bundle of nerfs

Very compact at only 3.15 m long, this Sbarro with its « wedge » look typical of its time with many angles and no curves, hid its game well. Indeed, its engine placed in rear center position is of Ferrari origin. It’s about V8 of the 308an atmospheric 3.0 liter that develops 260 hp and which is associated with a 5-speed manual transmission.

Difficult to communicate values ​​for its accelerations. We imagine that the machine, which was not supposed to be very heavy, had to move pretty well. With a wheelbase of just 2.20, the car must have been quite snappy when driven hard.


With a cabin treated in a luxurious way (for the time at least), the Sbarro Super Eight did not go beyond the prototype stage and it is unfortunately remained unique. With its exclusive engine, it would have been extremely expensive to produce. This would have made it almost impossible to sell.

Delicious « eighties », she talk about her again because of its radical concept. Two years ago it was spotted for sale at a Belgian dealer for €155,000. Today she has again disappeared from the radar.

If you know what happened to her, don’t hesitate to let us know!

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