A dream Super Bowl between Brady and Mahomes?

Thomas Siniecki, Media365: published on Monday, January 18, 2021 at 6:43 p.m.

Kansas City, in pain, upheld their rank in the NFL conference semifinals. Tampa Bay also finds itself at a game of the Grand Final of the Super Bowl, whose poster could be exceptional.

The great story continues for Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Winners of the New Orleans Saints on the night of Sunday to Monday (30-20), the Floridians are the only ones to have managed an « upset » during the conference semi-finals, that is to say to dominate the favorite in view of the standings of the regular season (New Orleans was No. 2, Tampa Bay No. 5).

Brady: « We have to be good to beat a great team »

The legendary 43-year-old quarterback, who is playing his first season away from the New England Patriots – where he gleaned his six Super Bowls – himself scored the final touchdown of the game, on the run. « Defense was the key, he reacted then, simply doing the job (relayed by the BBC). We had the turnovers we needed, it ended in a superb victory. We worked hard to achieve it. to get there, we will have to be good to beat a great team. « 

After taking out the franchise of Drew Brees, who will probably retire, it is another renowned counterpart that Tom Brady will face in the night from Sunday to Monday: Aaron Rodgers, announced as future MVP of the season at 37 years. The conference finals therefore promise to be exceptional again, and all Americans are of course waiting for a possible Super Bowl (in Tampa Bay!) Between Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes, defending champion who continues to crush everything in his path with Kansas City, who will face Buffalo. The young star (25) had to go out at the end of the game on Sunday, against Cleveland (22-17), victim of a concussion. We therefore do not know if he will be available at the end of the week. The Chiefs, who were very scared, will need it.

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