A dozen groups want to buy the Senators, says Gary Bettman

All interested parties have signed a confidentiality agreement and will soon have access to the team’s accounting booksrevealed Bettman at the end of the meeting of the Board of Governors, in Florida.

According to the commissioner, the procedure will intensify from 1 January.

Galatioto Sports takes care of the procedures. They will study the files, take preliminary offers and we will see. That’s the way it works when a franchise is sold in all sportsrecalls Bettman.

Bill Daly and Gary Bettman at the press conference in front of the giant NHL crest

Bill Daly and Gary Bettman

Photo: Getty Images/Bruce Bennett

Bettman ‘impressed’ by Ryan Reynolds

He also confirmed that Canadian actor Ryan Reynolds has had discussions with the League.

We met him Bill [Daly, le commissaire adjoint] and me. He really impressed us. If we can find a way to include him in the deal, that would be good for the Senators and the League.argues Bettman.

Reynolds revealed his interest in the team a few weeks ago on the Jimmy Fallon show, before attending a Senators game against the Vancouver Canucks at the Canadian Tire Centre.

Ryan Reynolds waves to the crowd

Ryan Reynolds waves to the crowd at the Canadian Tire Centre.

Photo: RDS / NHL

This news about the potential sale of the team comes as the daughters of former owner Eugene Melnyk are in town. Anna and Olivia participated in the team’s children’s skate day at the Senators’ home.

Young women are with Santa Claus and a mascot at a National League hockey team activity.

Ottawa Senators owners Anna and Olivia Melnyk at the organization’s children’s skating event.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Jonathan Jobin

The activity was started by their late father and had not taken place for a few years due to the pandemic.

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