A documentary about the career of Barry Bonds is in production


The great athletes of the sports world now have the right to their documentaries.

In football, we saw Tom Brady being entitled to this treatment. Basketball, The Last Dance spotlighted Michael Jordan and his Chicago Bulls.

At baseball? Derek Jeter was at the heart of a documentary.

And now Barry Bonds will also be entitled, according to what is circulating, to his documentary. The latter is currently in production at HBO.

The director will be Keith McQuirter and the producer will be Ezra Edelman.

The details of this whole story are still vague for the moment, but we understand that if Bonds decides to make a good documentary of it, it can hit hard. For what?

Because not only the craftsmen of the documentary have experience in the sports field, but in addition, Bonds is controversial.

Everyone knows of his career as a homerun hitter, base stealer, and frighteningly dominant player.

Between 2001 and 2004, he was so strong that no one wanted to face him.

And what will make a good documentary is obviously the fact that it was so controversial with steroids. He was a prominent face in the MLB scandal.

He is therefore hated by many, but also adored by others. After all, besides the scandal, he was a formidable hitter.

Everyone has an opinion about the guy, which will give ratings.


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