A destroyed Ferrari FXX K Evo after a track day at Mugello

The Ferrari FXX K Evo is an extremely rare car. But that does not prevent him from having a few incidents from time to time. Precisely, a circuit day at Mugello did not go as planned for this completely ruined copy.

The FXX K Evo is one of the most expensive track-dedicated hypercars in the world. It is also one of the rarest since only members of Ferrari’s « Corse Clienti » program could purchase one. One of them just had a rather difficult weekend last month at the Mugello circuit, where his Ferrari was seriously damaged. The photo of the aftermath of this crash was posted on Instagram by Supercar Fails and shows the crashed hypercar on a flatbed truck. The incident is said to have happened during the Ferrari Challenge Finali Mondiali 2021 last November, at the Mugello circuit in Italy.

Fortunately, there were no injuries. While most netizens made assumptions about the cause of the crash, some users were keen to clarify that it wasn’t the driver’s fault as he was hit by another car while unexpectedly overtaking. The photo shows damage to the front spoiler, bumper, bonnet and wheel arch. Not to mention that the left front and rear wheels no longer seem to be in line, which suggests more serious problems with the suspension and axles.

A very costly crash?

Considering the value of the vehicle, we are almost certain that it will return to near new condition after a few months in the Ferrari workshops. But it still hurts my heart to see such a beautiful car in such critical condition.

Ferrari launched the FXX K in 2014 as the most radical (and track-specific) variant of the LaFerrari. Only 40 units left the Maranello factory, but some of them, including the model in question, were modified to adopt the « Evo » suffix in 2017. Each year, Ferrari organizes eight or nine track rallies to members of the Corse Clienti program on various circuits around the world and we hope that the next one will be synonymous with a return for this FXX K Evo.

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