A curious Laker asks to come back next season!

Rob Pelinka is already planning his summer with the Lakers, which promises to be very important to say the least. We expect action with potential trades, involving Russell Westbrook, but especially signatures on the market. A player hopes to be part of it, but as much to say that he is not unanimous.

The offseason hasn’t started for all teams yet, but the Lakers already have work to do. Before thinking about recruiting heavy, or at least getting rid of Russell Westbrook at all costs, you have to go through the coach box. After having sacked Frank Vogel, victim of the setbacks of the team this season, a replacement must be found. According to the latest rumours, he says to himself that we have to look at the Jazz side.

Once the coach has been found, the front office can seriously focus on the follow-up, and the trades, or the simple signing of a player. Everything will depend on the new coach, who we hope will be consulted upon arrival. It’s hard to know what the Angelinos have planned, but a contribution in the defensive sector seems to be a priority, and a veteran intends to answer the call.

A player already found for the Lakers next year?

Recently crossed by the team of TMZ, Kent Bazemore was asked about his future plans. He hasn’t played much this season with the Lakers, but hopes to do it again next year, at least if the front office still wants him. Because with 14 minutes on average, for only 39 games played (3.4 points), the winger is not really essential in the City of Angels currently.

I would say there is nothing better than being a Laker. To see Kobe’s numbers on the wall, every day, is an inspiration in training for me. It doesn’t get any better than that.

The question necessarily being: do the Lakers want Bazemore next year? We would tend to think not, but remember that the veteran knows how to defend, which is sorely lacking in Los Angeles. For the minimum, and depending on other arrivals, keeping the player would therefore not be the worst possible news. However, on Twitter, not everyone agrees:

Sorry to break it to you but… Lakers fans don’t want you back

Underused Kent Bazemore still hopes to stay with the Lakers for the foreseeable future. It remains to know the position of the leaders, who undoubtedly have other priorities for the moment. We will know more later the opening of the market, well after even.

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