« A collective defeat », Sampaoli still angry despite the victory against Qarabag

Jorge Sampaoli on his Milik expectations beyond the goals

« The relationship between a footballer and a coach is very hermetic. I speak directly to him during training and we talk a lot. As a scorer, Milik is top and is one of the tops. But in communication there is also work to be done. do and sometimes he should find free partners on the field or more space in order to stare at the opponent. You have to know how to occupy everyone’s space. It’s not what he does best as a scorer. He is very, very good at finishing but he can improve his relationship with the other players on the pitch and we are working on that. »

Jorge Sampaoli on the importance of game vision and midfielders that break the lines

« It’s important to break lines with a pass because it eliminates opponents. But it’s easy to get intercepted and take counterattacks by increasing the distance of the passes beyond 8m or 9m. You have to reduce the distance of these passes so that their reading is less easy for the opponent. You need more control to limit the number of ball losses. In this football, it will also be necessary to reduce the spaces to limit counter-pressing. If we reduce this distance there will also be more fluidity. »

Jorge Sampaoli on the group against Clermont

« We will try to win to arrive in the best possible way for Sunday but some players on Thursday are tired. »

Jorge Sampaoli on Kolasinac and his playing time

« He played little before arriving, it’s a new club with a new language, a new system and new partners. He played a lot considering everything he has to discover. also be why Bakambu has played more. It would be a risk for him to start him even if it would be easier for me. He does not yet know the system well and therefore leaves with a disadvantage. He is involved without playing for the moment and wants to learn. He may quickly integrate it. I have no interest in playing a player who is not at 100% because it makes us vulnerable. »

Jorge Sampaoli on Milik and Mandanda after Qarabag

« We always question ourselves, but football is a sport of connection and relationship. We also say that we watch the players when we lose and when we win. We analyze this for all the players. Which makes us wise as « manager is to win but against Qarabag it has nothing to do with me. The teams that win over the length are the ones that play like Liverpool or City. I would like to put a goalkeeper and ten midfielders in my ideal team Journalists only talk about individuals and no collective Arek, our number 9 against Qarabag had to do more because he was the one who had to win and I told him When we lose, it’s because we have badly played. When Payet plays 9 we have more control. It’s up to us to find our balance. »

Jorge Sampaoli on the frustration of some players and his media treatment

« Football is controversial, you’re never satisfied and things change all the time. Everyone’s perception quickly in football. You always have to find a name to have a controversy. As a coach I tries to make the team work and sometimes we need the collective when players don’t meet expectations. We have to have control of the game, develop our idea of ​​the game so as not to have a defeat like against Nice. »

Jorge Sampaoli on his first year in Marseille

« I have almost finished the first year in Marseille and at OM. I have understood what this city is, this club and what the fans expect. This brings additional pressure because you have to be an actor Marseille. I’m happy with this year and a bit concerned when I can’t give the city what it expects. My challenge is that everyone identifies with Marseille. »

Jorge Sampaoli on the performance against Qarabag

« As a coach, we would like to be able to enjoy games other than that. We had few games where we didn’t control or dominate the game like Lille or the second period against Lyon. The game against Qarabag c « It’s a bit like that, it’s a collective defeat because we were overtaken by the opponent. We won thanks to individuals but not thanks to the collective and that’s why we suffered. »

Jorge Sampaoli on OM’s performances against the little ones

« I can’t say how because we lost points against Metz and Troyes at home. We are struggling to break the blocks of these teams. We will have to recover these points in the first part of the season. But we are still a team new with a need to adapt. We have to do our best in each match to continue our momentum. »

Finished for Bakambu, way to Sampaoli

Cédric Bakambu is done. His trainer Jorge Sampaoli will succeed him in a few seconds.

Bakambu on his objectives and those of OM or the DRC

« Going to the World Cup would be huge because we haven’t been there since 1974. I would be lying if I said that I don’t have the play-off with the DRC in my head. I’m 100% focused on OM and the rest we will see later. »

Bakambu on his celebrations

« It’s not work, it’s feeeling. I asked my fans what I should do and they voted for it. It’s in tribute to a Congolese singer. »

Bakambu on Qarabag’s level and chances of qualification

« Before starting a match you are never cool. They are not in Europe by chance. We are expecting a very complicated return. It will not be a cakewalk and we will have to seek qualification the low. »

Bakambu on his physical condition

« We’ll see for my body. But I think I’ll have regained my maximum level by the end of the season. »

Bakambu on the instructions of Sampaoli

« I can’t say the instructions when we play in attack. It’s the coach’s secret and I hope it will continue to work. »

Bakambu on Messi in stats

« Scoring quickly is a plus for adaptation. I’m working to find my best level. »

Bakambu on Mandanda

« Steve, I know his little brother Parfait well, with whom I played in the national team. Our common origins have brought us closer, but I have no more affinity with him than with another. He’s a professional. »

Bakambu on the current level of L1

« It’s a good question. How do I judge the level? L1 is respected abroad. It’s several levels above China and you have to work to get back up to speed. »

Bakambu on his work to be in shape

« It’s not easy but I’m a competitor. I was maintaining myself physically. I know I can do more but I have confidence in myself. Physically it will be better. »

Bakambu on OM’s 2nd place in L1

« The season is still long. I hope we will achieve our goals. We are working for it. »

Bakambu on his playing time

« I didn’t expect to play so much so quickly but every minute is good to take. I’m trying to get back into shape. I’m lucky to have playing time and I hope that will continue . »

Bakambu on Sampaoli’s management of the group and possible tensions

« The atmosphere is good in the locker room. The common objective means that everyone is contributing. Not everyone can play every game, we can be frustrated but that does not rub off on the group atmosphere.

Bakambu on Milik and his frustration

« He was a bit frustrated because he’s a competitor and he wants to play all the time. The atmosphere is good, I spoke with him after the match but I didn’t understand why he was frustrated. It’s a great striker and he can adapt to all systems. We will review the two-man system this season. It doesn’t matter where the coach uses me, I will be 100%. »

Bakambu on the successes of OM against the little ones

« Every match my goal is to win. OM don’t choose their matches. »

Bakambu on his integration into OM

« I feel very well, well received. I expected worse because I was a little apprehensive, but I was well received. Automation is coming little by little, but I’m still new. From the outside, OM c is a big club and I expected a colder dressing room. »

Soon it’s time for the Sampaoli conference

A few more minutes of patience before the start of the press conference with Cédric Bakambu and Jorge Sampaoli.

The start of their intervention is scheduled for 1:45 p.m. A media passage to follow live with commentary on the RMC Sport website and app.

Mandanda excels on the European scene

Substitute in Ligue 1, Steve Mandanda signed a superb match against Qarabag in the Europa Conference League.

Jorge Sampaoli will certainly be questioned about the hierarchy of his goalkeepers after the performance of the tricolor world champion.

Jorge Sampaoli’s conference before OM-Clermont

Jorge Sampaoli and Cédric Bakambu should present themselves to the press around 1:45 p.m. The OM coach and his striker will take stock of the situation before the reception of Clermont at the Vélodrome on Sunday evening during the 25th day of Ligue 1.

Towards a claim by Qarabag against OM?

Qarabag lost to Marseille on Thursday in the first leg of the Europa Conference League (3-1). But the Azerbaijani club could complain to UEFA because of the « provocations » of some OM supporters during the match.

Marseille fans waved flags of Armenia, a country at war with Azerbaijan, as well as a banner on the situation in Nagorno-Karabakh where the club was founded before moving to Baku.

OM change financial director

Change within the Olympian organization chart. According to our information, the president of OM Pablo Longoria has decided to change his DAF (administrative and financial director), who had been in office since 2016. Arrived alongside Jacques-Henri Eyraud, Baptiste Viprey will be replaced. According to our information, the next elected to the post will be Stéphane Tessier, a former manager of Lorient and especially of AS Saint-Etienne, where he even officiated as general manager between 2010 and 2015. Highly appreciated by the coach of At the time of Christophe Galtier, Tessier had a major role within ASSE, particularly concerning the Stéphanois transfer window.

OM’s financial situation is complicated, but movements and transfers remain rather active there, which has often forced the financial management to have to compose and adapt in an emergency (postponement of part of the salaries of 3 players for validate the signing of Amine Harit this summer, income from winter recruits revised downwards the first season to meet the requirements of the DNCG, etc.). In short, a strategic position in the eyes of Pablo Longoria, who therefore wished, after this January transfer window, a new face as financial director… or rather CFO (Chief Financial Officer) for those nostalgic for Anglicisms. The change is not official, but it is imminent.

Florent Germain

Hello everyone !

Welcome to this live commentary dedicated to OM. The Marseille club, winner Thursday evening of Qarabag in the Europa League Conference (3-1), will receive Clermont on Sunday evening at the end of the 25th day of Ligue 1. Two days before the meeting, Jorge Sampaoli will speak this Friday in conference hurry.

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