a coach supports Algeria and denigrates Morocco! (Video)

Algeria Football – Eliminated from the African Nations Championship (CHAN) in Algeria, Amir Abdou supports Algeria for CAN 2025 and completely ignores Morocco!

Indeed, the coach of the national team of Mauritania, Amir Abdou, made a statement on the official page of the organizing committee of the competition of the Africa Cup of Nations for local players CHAN 2023 Algeria, on the facebook platform. The day after Mauritania’s farewell to the CHAN competition, coach Amir Abdou sent a message of thanks to the supporters from Annaba.

Amir Abdou said that he and his little ones from the Mauritania national team were very happy with the warm welcome in Annaba, and they were more satisfied with what they experienced in Algeria during their participation in the seventh edition of the CHAN. The coach regretted the elimination of the national team of his country, Mauritania, during the quarter-finals of this edition.

He added that they feel great sadness and are interested in returning to Mauritania, considering that they deserved to stay longer in Algeria, to reach the advanced stages of the continental competition, which the Algerians continue to impress by hosting. As part of talking about their desire to stay longer in Algeria, the Mauritanian coach underlined his desire to continue spending more time in the wonderful atmosphere they experienced.

At the end of his statement, as he boarded the bus to leave Algeria, Amir wished the Algerians good luck in organizing future competitions, including winning the honor of hosting the Coupe d’ Africa of nations (CAN) 2025.

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