A Clermont Foot which wins in the field of social networks

It is another field, for another classification. But there is also a « match », for a Clermont Foot determined not to remain at the bottom of the table, that of social networks, despite there also a status of promoted.

On Facebook, the Auvergne club has just overtaken Troyes in terms of the number of subscribers. Not bad. On Twitter and Instagram, he is always last in Ligue 1, logical, but he hopes not to stay there for long, he who follows Brest and Reims respectively. It is playable, since the CF63 already distances these « direct competitors » on Tik Tok (10th), network on which the L1 clubs are still green, unlike a promoted who quickly took the train of short videos. And the more « fun » tone of the app born in China, on which Clermont publishes in particular the outstanding technical gestures of its players.

Evolution of the Clermont Foot « fanbase » since the rise in Ligue 1:
+ 19.29% on Facebook
+ 22.27% on Twitter
+ 100.78% on Instagram
+ 376.92% on Youtube
+ 23.75% on LinkedIn
Or + 35% on the entire fanbase (excluding Tik Tok, account created in April 2021)

In total, the Auvergne club has more than 308,000 subscribers on social networks. An exhibition that has “boomed” with the rise in Ligue 1, since the club has already increased its audience by more than 35% since last April. That is more than during all of last season, for which he had posted the most beautiful increase (+ 23.5%) in Ligue 2.Present on most social networks, Clermont Foot has more than 300,000 subscribers on the Web.

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But here too, Ligue 1 is something else. A tweet about Messi? 3 million views for the CF63. A video of Zedadka’s roulette in Lyon? 2 million on Tik Tok. On Instagram, Clermont doubled its audience. And he multiplied it by five on Youtube, well helped by the 65,000 views of the episodes of the series « Clermont L1nside », co-produced with The mountain. In October, it thus posted the best progression, all networks combined, of the 20 Ligue 1 clubs. And the 18th for all the professional clubs in Europe.

A tone adapted to the media

Figures that stick to the enthusiasm for subscriptions, the crowds at the stadium, and therefore the new popularity of the club. On the web, the Clermont team (made up of Florent Crossoir, Lucas Rousseau and Dorian Cyprès, supported by Evan Leyton, Yvan Charvillat, Yvan Ducarre, Benjamin Cherasse, Julien Mallay, and by the club’s marketing team for the network LinkedIn) gives a tone to its contents, and adapts it to the supports.

premium Cedric Hountondji absent until the end of the year?

We do not communicate on Facebook and Twitter, more informative, as we do on Instagram Where Tik Tok, more in the moment. But each time, Clermont Foot strives to be responsive, to create meetings, such as the pre-match « stories » on Instagram. And to return a connected image while remaining faithful to that of the club on a human scale.

A club which, like the L1 team, therefore does not play in the big leagues to only play a role.

Who are the most followed Clermont players?

Oriol Busquets. The Spanish milieu is the Clermontois the most followed on social networks. A rank that he owes above all to his status as a former FC Barcelona player, and which allows him to total 166,000 subscribers on Instagram (the preferred network of Clermont Foot players) and nearly 17,000 on Twitter.

Jodel Dossou. Very popular in Benin, it has 120,000 subscribers on Facebook. He is also present on Twitter and Instagram.

Saîf-Eddine Khaoui. Tunisian international and former OM player, he has 93,000 subscribers on Instagram.

Jean-Claude Billong. Cameroonian international, Jean-Claude Billong also displays eight clubs in six different countries on his CV. They are more than 58,000 to follow him on Instagram.

Mohamed Bayo. His goals, his debut in the selection and rumors around a transfer this summer have not been for nothing in the popularity of the Clermont striker on the networks. The native of Clermont has nearly 35,000 subscribers, mainly on Instagram and Twitter.

Laurent Calmut (much less subscribers on Twitter)

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