A carbon footprint simulator entirely dedicated to sport

It’s a first. Game Earth officially launched on Wednesday Mon Match Carbone, the first carbon balance simulator entirely dedicated to amateur and leisure athletes. It is therefore possible to know the CO2 emissions linked to any sporting activity, whether collective, such as football or rugby, or individual, cycling for example.

« Game Earth wishes to awaken in each athlete a desire for more eco-responsible development in the practice of their passion or leisure, by measuring their impact on the climate », explains its president Benjamin Adler.

Another special feature: the simulator makes it possible to calculate the indirect emissions generated by the “passive” consumption of sporting events, that is to say by being a spectator, whether in front of his TV, online or in a stadium. In less than 5 minutes, by answering simple questions about their diet, mobility or equipment, any practitioner can discover its impact on the climate.

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