A Canada Life advertising crest on Jets jerseys

According to a press release from True North Sports + Entertainmentthe company that owns the team, this follows the decision of the National Hockey League to allow the addition of advertisements on the jerseys of its players.

True North Sports + Entertainment talk about a relationship long time with the insurer, whose principal offices are located in Winnipeg. In addition, the arena that hosts Jets players and fans, Center Canada Life, bears the name of the company.

Fans met in a sporting goods store in Winnipeg do not seem too worried about this novelty on the jersey of the Jets.

It’s a good idea. I like the logos on the sweaters. I’m a soccer player and I like teams with a logonotes Enock Birinda who cites the example of the big logo of the sponsor on the jersey of the Manchester United team.

It’s the way the league operates. It brings in money and it supports both the team and the company, that’s a good thingexpresses Paul Candeias who will not be reluctant to buy the team jersey.

However, Sam Swenarchuk, he does not like this tangent that the National Hockey League (NHL) takes towards soccer.

I don’t like this novelty. Looks like a soccer jersey. I don’t like what the National League is doing right nowhe says.

Big Winnipeg Jets fan Yanick LaRoche says it’s going to take some getting used to with the reality of sponsors on jerseys, but he thinks the NHL will be respectful.

According to him, it will not imitate the European hockey leagues where there are so many sponsorships that it’s hard to see the color of the jersey.

Also according to the press release, it will be possible for supporters to obtain a jersey with the advertising logo, if they wish. The insurer also announces that it will donate $20 per jersey sold, with its logo, to the summer camp for young people in True Norththe Manitou camp.

The Winnipeg Jets’ first preseason games, in which they will wear the jersey with the new crest, will take place at the end of the month. The first official match of their season will take place on October 14.

With information from Cédrick Noufele

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