a Breton floating capsule inspired by James Bond will land in Qatar

The organizers of the World Cup in Qatar hope to use it to develop tourism in their country after the competition. But if the number of accommodations worries for the 2022 World Cup, the Breton company Anthénea will exhibit its floating capsule there. An innovation that could well revolutionize the hotel industry in the Gulf country and in the world in the future.

And if the solution to the housing crisis came out of a factory in Côtes-d’Armor and more precisely in the town of Lannion. Before perhaps tackling other markets, the Anthénea company will launch an assault on the hotel industry this winter during the World Cup in Qatar (from November 20 to December 18).

100 days before the start of the competition in Doha, RMC Sport set out to discover this ambitious project which will take advantage of sport to gain exposure to supporters from all over the world.

The Anthénea capsule will land in Qatar for the 2022 World Cup
The Anthénea capsule will land in Qatar for the 2022 World Cup © DR RMC Sport

An idea inspired by James Bond and validated by Pierre Cardin

The idea for this floating bedroom was born in the mind of architect Jean-Michel Ducancelle in the late 70s while watching a 007 movie with Roger Moore. The architect was followed by Pierre Cardin before the idea was abandoned by the famous couturier. The industrialist Jacques-Antoine Cesbron, president of the company Anthénea (created in 2018 to design the prototype of a floating hotel suite) revived the idea. The prototype has since been installed in the port of Trébeurden in the Côtes-d’Armor.

« It came from watching James Bond. When you’re a James Bond fan, it makes things easier. It came in the 70s from the film The Spy Who Loved Me. At the end of the film, the hero escape from an underwater city in a kind of all-round capsule, told the leader of Anthénea to RMC Sport. Note designer friend, naval architect and interior had the idea to say that it was pretty but small. He made it real, big, twice as big to make it a real home and a place to stay. »

The Anthénea capsule in the port of Trébeurden in Brittany
The Anthénea capsule in the port of Trébeurden in Brittany © DR RMC Sport

A first project launched in Qatar for the World Cup

This floating suite also includes a sofa area with a huge bay window of approximately 4m so that you can enjoy the seabed in complete relaxation. The floating hotel suite is 100% autonomous thanks to photovoltaic panels and wastewater treatment. A first project will be delivered in early November in Qatar for the World Cup. An Anthénea capsule will be installed in Doha in the Pearl Marina with no negative impact on the seabed. Another capsule is under construction in the Lannion shipyard and will be delivered to Oman.

« We started marketing this model almost two years ago. We have many projects in progress and the first to materialize is that of Qatar with a distributor. It is not only a customer but a distributor Triple trend design who decided to buy prototype number 1, explained the manager of the Breton company, both to market it both in housing and accommodation, and also to sell it for us. This company has become our local distributor. He is eagerly awaiting the delivery of the first model as he has several customers who want to see it in person before they finalize and confirm their order. »

The cozy bed of the Anthénea capsule
The cozy bed of the Anthénea capsule © DR RMC Sport

Models for hotels from one to four stars

With several models available, depending on the layout desired and the integrated equipment, Anthénea will make it possible to find accommodation for both one-star hotels and four-star establishments. Prices can vary between 250,000 euros and 500,000 euros for manufacturing and a one night rental for two would then amount to between 800€ and 1500€. In the words of Jacques-Antoine Cesbron, the project is already appealing around the globe.

« Our customers call us from all over the world, we have projects on five continents. The first is in Qatar, the second in Oman, the third in the Caribbean. We do not control the destinations and there are even some in Southern Europe. North because our Anthénea is well insulated and reversible air conditioning. […] There are interests that arise in the Maldives, in Asia, in Canada or in South America. Our playing field is global. »

Aerial view of the Anthénea capsule
Aerial view of the Anthénea capsule © DR RMC Sport

« We couldn’t dream better than to be on the World Cup »

With 20 employees working to manufacture Anthénea and managing to deliver the first model before the first match of the World Cup, the Breton company has chosen to reward them this winter. All of the company’s employees will therefore travel to Doha to attend the launch in November.

« The timing of the number one’s release is the FIFA World Cup in Qatar. We will be on site for the inauguration. This means that upstream it will also be necessary for the entire finishing and transport phase , confirmed Murielle Cesbron, communication director of Anthénea, at the microphone of RMC Sport. We could not dream of better than being on the Football World Cup with an Anthénea for November 20. Being there is is really wonderful. It’s a global showcase for us. » And with this trip to Qatar, the hope of attending a match to join in the celebration during

Jean-Guy Lebreton with Pierre-Yves Leroux

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