a Breton and his bobsleigh team train to participate in the Beijing Olympics


Sport: a Breton and his bobsleigh team train to qualify and participate in the Beijing Olympics

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T.Paga, K.Moreau, P.Lacotte, France 3 Grand Est – France 2

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Romain Ooghe, a sportsman from Bretragne, fully intends to participate in the bobsleigh event at the Beijing Olympics next February. Reporting.

In Romain Ooghe’s eyes, the red of the race track becomes a block of ice, the horizon a vertiginous slope and the cart he pushes is a 200 kilo bobsleigh. “On the ice, we are still a little less stable. The load is not the same, the start is not the same, but we try to get as close as possible to the same sensations as in the bob ”, indicates the athlete.

Romain Ooghe is pushing so fast and so hard that at the beginning of December, he and his team came fourth in the last European Championships. Its team is made up entirely of amateurs who come from all over France. To train, they meet only once a month in the mountains. The rest of the time, they train at the gym. On February 19, Romain Ooghe could be at the end of a sledge at the Beijing Olympics for the race of his life.


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