A bloody return to the playoffs for Jaylen Brown

For his first playoff match since September 2020 and the adventure in the « bubble », Jaylen Brown was spoiled. He played at home, against the Nets, and won at the buzzer after Jayson Tatum’s basket.

A dream scenario for the one who had missed the first round, already against Brooklyn, last season because of a wrist injury.

“It was good basketball”he delivers to Mass Live. “The match was exciting and we found a way to win it. It was tight, it’s clear, more than we would have liked. Winning a playoff game is never guaranteed, nor easy. »

The All-Star, after a week of rest, took a few minutes to fully enter the game on Sunday night, with only 8 points in the first period. After the break, he added 15 units, to finish with 23 points at 9/19 on the shot. But the lack of rhythm was not the only explanation for this soft start.

“There is something in the playoffs that particularly touches me”he explains. “I hadn’t played in the playoffs for two years, more than 500 days. Before the game, I was very excited, I was nervous. I had to calm down a bit. »

In addition to the excitement before Game 1, another element also bothered the Boston winger during the meeting: his nose and the blows he took.

“I was hit several times in the face”says Jaylen Brown. “For a moment, I had cotton in both nostrils. I couldn’t breathe anymore. But it’s the playoffs, it’s a war. We sign to live that. We are hit, we have to get up. If it was to be relived, then I would relive that. »

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