A Blériot XI, an exceptional aircraft, will be exhibited in the heart of the city in Aubigny-sur-Nère

For the seventh consecutive year, the Rotary-club Aubigny-Argent offers an exhibition of prestige and collection vehicles. This long-awaited event for lovers of beautiful bodywork will take place tomorrow, Sunday, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., in Aubigny-sur-Nère, in the courtyard of the Stuart castle and Place de la Résistance.

Hundreds of vehicles

A hundred vehicles are expected by the volunteers of the Rotary-Club chaired by Jean-Michel Fouassier. Among them, sports cars as well as a prototype drone with a wingspan of 4 meters belonging to Yannick Rezeau, from Argent-sur-Sauldre, a precision mechanics professional. A stand of the Rotary-club will be available, in order to get to know the association and learn about its many charitable actions.

premium Mirage, Jaguar, Mystère IV… Discovering airplanes at the Avord aeronautical center museum

Each year has its share of surprises. The 2022 edition will be that of the exhibition, place de la Résistance, of an airplane, and not just any, a Blériot XI, a page of aviation history in itself. The aircraft belongs to an individual, a former pilot, who participates in numerous air shows. He will arrive on the spot on a plateau, his wings dismantled. Three hours will be needed to board it. Then, on site, the public will be able to watch the reassembly of the wings. This model of airplane weighing 310 kg, 8 meters long and 7.20 meters wide, fitted with a three-cylinder Anzani engine, enabled Louis Blériot, its designer, to cross the English Channel for the first time in thirty-two minutes, from France to England, July 25, 1909.

Charity action

The price of entry to the event is set at 5 euros, free for children under 12 and men wearing kilts?! As usual, the funds raised will be used for charity. This year, it is the residents of the Anais home who will be helped financially for a trip.

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