A bitter-tasting record for Myles Turner | NBA

Two games, two losses. Far from their basics, the Pacers’ start to the season is anything but ideal and, even more frustrating, these two setbacks each time came on a gap of only a small point.

Last night, it was the Wizards who snapped out the Indianapolis players, yet led by a Myles Turner of the great evenings. In 44 minutes, the 25-year-old pivot has effectively compiled 40 points, 10 rebounds and 3 blocks, at 15/22 on shots, 5/9 on 3-points and 5/8 on free throws!

In total confidence offensively, and in phase with his shoot, Myles Turner enjoyed himself all evening against the weak racket of the men of the capital, unable to contain him, whether behind the arc, at mid-distance or closer to the circle. A more-than-perfect score (or almost) for the best blocker in the reigning league, unfortunately defeated with his own at the finish.

 » As an individual this is something I want people to get used to », He delivered afterwards, about his card in attack.  » I think I can play that way night after night. And [hier], it was my evening. But, collectively, [cette défaite] it hurts. It’s frustrating. We could have won those first two games. « 

The Pacers’ game changer?

Eager to rely more on Myles Turner, potentially able to count among the best pivots in the country when he will (finally) find consistency in his performances, Rick Carlisle logically appreciated what he observed of his interior, despite the disappointment caused by the result.

 » When he plays simple and on his strengths, he is a player who has a lot of impact. “, Judged the coach of Indiana.  » And that’s just what he did [hier] evening. He shot as soon as he was open. He “rolled” towards the circle with determination and force. He did simple things with the ball. « 

Much too permissive defensively, with 123 then 135 points collected, the Pacers will not have too much time to rehash this overtime defeat against Washington, since they will have to go on next night against the Heat. At home, and despite rather heavy legs.

 » This is what we get paid for », Retorted Myles Turner, determined to see his team unlock its victory counter in front of its public.  » We’re going to recover, go home, make our living and come back tomorrow, ready to play. Simply. You don’t have to let yourself down mentally. « 

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