A biomass boiler in Monplaisir at the start of 2023 will connect 2,440 housing units and the district’s public facilities. – Angers Info

Future boiler room in Monplaisir – © AIA Architectes – A biomass boiler room in Monplaisir at the start of 2023 will connect 2,440 housing units and the district’s public facilities.

Jacques-Olivier MARTIN, vice-president in charge of heating networks and Alima TAHIRI, assistant to the Monplaisir district came to attend this Tuesday, September 10 the delivery of one of the boilers of the Monplaisir wood boiler room in Angers. This biomass boiler will come into service at the beginning of 2023 in Angers. Located in Monplaisir, the equipment will connect 2,440 housing units and the district’s public facilities.

The energy transition aims to significantly reduce consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. The establishment of a district heating network is fully in line with the desire to move towards a new economic and social model. Thus, the Monplaisir biomass boiler will strengthen the existing network and will allow the continuation of the efforts carried out for several years by the community in order to meet the challenges of energy sobriety and reduction of consumption.

A 6th biomass boiler room

After the Biowatts plant in La Roseraie to the south, Belle-Beille to the west, Hauts-de-Saint-Aubin to the north, the CHU in the center and Nozay to the east, this new boiler room will complement the existing equipment operating in the woods. In the first quarter of 2023, it will come into service in the Monplaisir district and will supply the district’s future heating network. Earthworks and laying of the network began in January 2022 and will continue in 2023. The network infrastructure will be ready to connect the buildings as they go.

This project is piloted by the Local Public Company Alter Services, holder of an integrated services contract awarded by the Angers Loire Métropole urban community in September 2020. It is part of the continuity of the ALM heating network master plan.

More than 2,400 homes affected

The heat requirement is around 25 GWh per year to meet domestic hot water and space heating needs. The beneficiaries are public buildings (school, college/high school, sports hall, home for all), more than 2,440 collective housing units (social landlords and private condominiums) as well as the industrial company SCANIA. All these beneficiaries will therefore participate in reducing the region’s carbon footprint, while benefiting from a stabilized heat price, much less sensitive to fluctuations in fossil fuels than a more conventional solution.
A specificity of the project lies in the thermal renovation of certain dwellings, carried out by the social landlord Angers Loire Habitat. This includes in particular the connection of these dwellings to the network. Thus, 439 homes will gradually switch from individual gas boilers to the heating network via an intermediate distribution circuit. The occupants will benefit from green heat at a controlled cost. This specific project is partly financed by Angers Loire Métropole and the management of the service to these residents is entrusted to Alter Services within the framework of the integrated services contract.

Project schedule and key figures
• Start of works in January 2022
• Commissioning of the biomass boiler room: beginning of 2023
• Investment of €15.3 million with the support of ADEME and ANRU
• Reduction of the neighborhood’s carbon footprint by 5,000 tons per year
• 48 buildings
• Network of 11.4 kilometers
• Two wood-fired boilers and, as a back-up, two natural gas boilers.
• 10,500 tons of wood, from local industries, less than 100 kilometers away
• 80% green energy rate
• Stability of the price of the heat produced

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