A big rumor about Kyrie Irving already denied, a blow for the Nets!

Well back with the Nets, Kyrie Irving is only a part-time player at the moment. A mess for the franchise, which lost heavily this Thursday with the absences. Brooklyn could opt for a radical solution… which has just been denied by Adrian Wojnarowski.

For the Nets, it’s currently a roller coaster. After a wide impressive success against the Bulls, 138-112, this team collapsed against the Thunder this Thursday evening, 130-109. An alarming performance for Steve Nash’s men, which is mainly explained by the absence of Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving.

KD was resting, while Kyrie couldn’t play due to the rules in New York. He only plays half of the matches, and it can already be felt. In Brooklyn, we are still hoping for a change in the situation, like that james harden joke.

Kyrie Irving soon present at all meetings?

For a few days, a rumor evokes the possibility of seeing Irving at all the meetings. Yes, you read that right, but the front office should checkout for this. Indeed, against a $5,000 fine for each unauthorized match, Kyrie could play at home. Financially, it’s a low cost to pay, especially since the franchise does not pay the salary of its leader. Reality ? She is quite different.

To be clear on the possibility of a team paying a fine for an unvaccinated player wishing to play in a market where it is prohibited: the NBA memo as of September 1 says teams must abide by local rules, and those not wishing doing so will not be able to play.

No, the Nets can’t just add up the fines in order to play Kyrie at home: the NBA has already planned it. So there are two possibilities for this scenario to come about: Irving takes the vaccine, or the rules change in New York City. It is the second option which is possible during the year, but no progress at the moment.

Too bad for the Nets, especially since Irving seduces for his return to the courts:

Kyrie Irving present at all the games? Paying the fines won’t be enough for the Nets, who will have to find another solution. A necessity for this team in view of the playoffs, or a huge disappointment is to be expected.

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