A big name soon on the market, Lakers and Warriors in ambush?

After almost three weeks of free agency, interesting and accessible players on the market are scarce for top-franchises. A veteran with a well-supplied CV could however be added to the list of free agents, and quickly be the subject of a duel between Lakers and Warriors!

The end of summer is slowly approaching, and with it that of the NBA offseason. The training camp of the various teams of the league will begin in a big month, which leaves time for the leaders to finalize their numbers before this deadline. Most franchises already have a substantial player base to build on in the coming season, but some are still looking for ultimate rookies in the market.

Bad luck for them, since the main players placed on the transfer list or free agents have already found takers. Therefore, the front offices carefully monitor the movements of rivals, to detect a potentially recoverable profile. This could especially happen in the next few days … on the side of the Grizzlies, according to Drew Hill of the Daily Memphian.

There are simply too many contracted players for a 15-name roster, and Memphis added two new ones following the trade that sent Patrick Beverley to Minnesota. The Grizzlies are going to have to find a way to get rid of some, potentially by making buy-outs, trades or cuts. Will Rajon Rondo be part of the team that starts the season? Probably not.

Arrived in Tennessee as part of the transfer of Eric Bledsoe to the Clippers, Rondo should not linger there for long. The Grizz would see little point in keeping him, even if his experience would not be negligible in backup of Ja Morant. They could therefore find an arrangement with him to part with his salary of 7.5 million dollars in the 2020-21 fiscal year.

Of course, the Memphis front office will undoubtedly seek above all to transfer the double NBA champion, in order to obtain additional assets in the operation. If they do not succeed, they could then resolve to release him from his contract, and thus make him accessible to franchises looking for a leader, but with limited financial flexibility.

In this scenario, a few contenders for his signature are already evident. A Californian battle could then take place … between Lakers and Warriors. The first have recently tested several stations 1 to occupy one of the last 3 spots available in their roster. The latter have openly said they are looking for a reinforcement in this position, and would certainly not spit on an arrival of the quadruple All-Star.

Could Rajon Rondo make his return to the Lakers, or come and assist Stephen Curry at the Warriors? His seat at the Grizzlies seems in any case ejectable.

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