A big name from the East is already guaranteed to leave this summer!

The offseason has not yet started for the various NBA franchises, but we can expect action on the market, with major departures for example. We can look at the Eastern Conference, and more specifically at the Heat, which will lose elements during the summer. One of them is already known.

Largely winners of the Hawks (4-1) in this first round of the playoffs, the Heat was full of confidence. Very important for a franchise that dreams of returning to the finals, after a known disappointment against the Lakers in 2020. Nevertheless, it will be necessary to be strong to overcome the Sixers in the next round, and above all to contain the Joel Embiid phenomenon. Fortunately, Bam Adebayo is there for that.

Still unclear what Miami can do on this campaign. Everything will depend on the performance of Tyler Herro, Duncan Robinson, but especially Jimmy Butler, who was spared during Game 5 against Atlanta, after a slight knee problem. One of the X factors of this roster? Certainly Victor Oladipo, who is coming back in rather good shape.

Inevitable departure for Victor Oladipo?

With 23 points on the back of the Hawks for Game 5, the former Pacer has confirmed that he is back in shape for these playoffs. He should get a solid spot in the rotation…before he jumps ship this summer? This is the current trend for Oladipo, who should be chasing a good contract, which Miami should not offer him according to recent returns.

An anonymous GM thinks Victor Oladipo doesn’t have a long-term future in Miami: “He’s looking for at least a good contract next season, in a team like Sacramento or the Knicks or the Blazers. It won’t be Miami, that’s pretty clear. »

The Heat don’t have a lot of finances, and even if they do, is it really a good idea to bet money on Oladipo? The latter remains at 12.4 points and 3.5 assists on average over this campaign, which remains relatively low. And given the injury-laden liabilities of number 4, it is better to take precautions before committing to the long term with him.

These playoffs are therefore an opportunity to shine for Oladipo, in order to seduce a few teams like the Knicks, or the Lakers for next year. He will get the chance if Jimmy Butler continues to be absent, which hasn’t stopped the winger from collecting a rather atypical fine from the NBA. But what do you want, no gifts in the league, not with this kind of gesture.

Everything suggests that Victor Oladipo will not stay in Miami for long, not as long as he aspires to a big contract this summer. It remains to be seen whether the rear can find a buyer on the market, with, for example, good performances during these playoffs. All the more reason for the player to shine, in addition to helping his team.

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