A big contract for Matthew Bergeron in the NFL!


Quebecer Matthew Bergeron, who excels in the world of football, occupying a position on the offensive line, has something to celebrate since his draft in 38th position, on April 28, with the Atlanta Falcons.

More good news for the little guy from Victoriaville, since he has just signed a four-year contract with the organization!

A great agreement of 8.97 million dollars (US), including a guarantee of 7 million!

In addition, for his first season (2023-24), 1.6 million dollars will come back to him.

Over The Cape
Over The Cape

The mayor of Victoriaville also wanted to highlight this great step!

We bet that many Quebecers will follow the Falcons closely this season!

Congratulations to Matthew and good luck for the rest!


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