A Bessèges football fan victim of a double jaw fracture after a general fight

A football fan from the Bessèges club (Gard) underwent surgery on Monday at the Nîmes University Hospital for a double jaw fracture. This reserve team player was attacked during a general fight on Sunday. It was during the game between Bessèges and the Nîmes club of Pissevin / Valdegour, an amateur level meeting (2nd day of Departmental One). He was a spectator in the stands. The fight broke out late in the game. « I was told about brass knuckles“, confides Jacques Molle, the president of CA Bességeois. The match had already been interrupted for the first time. The scuffles broke out after a goal from the Cévennes club.

A twenty gendarmes intervened. In addition to beatings, bottles were also thrown.

The president of the Club Athlétique Bessègeois, Jacques Molle, confides on France Bleu Gard Lozère: « Initially the climate was tense. The public from elsewhere threw themselves, at the big hill, on the Bessege public. There was a fight of incredible violence. »

« We had never witnessed such violence », Jacques Molle, the president of the Club Athlétique Bessègeois

Jacques Molle hopes for a total questioning amateur football, and strong decisions. « It is unthinkable. it is necessary that the staffs of amateur football look into the subject. If we want to save the amateur club, not only in the Gard, we need a real reflection on security, but also on the financing of clubs, and then what policy we want to pursue for our young people« .

« When our young people witness this kind of thing, it’s… pathetic. It’s pathetic. To see such an outburst of violence, beyond filing a complaint… we really have to react. We cannot let the things to continue in this way, it is not possible ». Jacques Molle

The leaders of Bessèges have planned to meet this Monday evening, to decide on the follow-up to be given; they could file a complaint.

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