a « Beauvau du foot » organized Tuesday by the Minister of the Interior

« Tomorrow [mardi à 9h30], we are going to attend a football Beauvau which will be piloted by Gérald Darmanin « , explained Monday, November 22 on franceinfo, Karl Olive, mayor of Poissy and member of the board of directors of the Professional Football League. A meeting is held Tuesday at the Ministry of the Interior on the incidents that occurred on Sunday during the match between OL and OM. Marseille player Dimitri Payet received a bottle of water on his head from the North turn. « This is the first time that all the major direct and indirect players in football will meet around the table, it is a significant step forward ». The mayor of Poissy says he expects firmness from this meeting towards « those morons who have nothing to do in a stadium ».

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franceinfo: What do you expect from the meeting this Tuesday at the Ministry of the Interior, with football leaders, Gérald Darmanin or Eric Dupond-Moretti on the incidents that occurred during the OL / OM match?

Karl Olive: tomorrow [mardi] we will be witnessing a sort of football Beauvau which will be piloted by Gérald Darmanin. I am delighted that we can finally get around the table with the ministers, Gérald Darmanin, Roxana Maracineanu, Éric Dupond-Moretti and all the players in French football. Yesterday the referee was right to say that we will not resume the game when the integrity of a player is called into question. Why this waiting time of an hour and a half? This is unacceptable. There was a cacophony as no communication was made to spectators and viewers. Showing these images to our kids, to these millions of licensees in clubs who one day dream of playing in Ligue 1 or Ligue 2, it’s simply catastrophic. Beyond football, it is sport that is called into question two and a half years after the Olympics in Paris.

What new measures should be taken to avoid this type of incident?

For the first time this season, this is the sixth major incident in 14 days and it is the first time that all the major direct and indirect players in football will meet around the table, it is a significant step forward. . An investigation will be carried out by someone who has been appointed by the Professional Football League to bring back its conclusions at the beginning of December. What can we expect from it? The investigation will tell. There may be fewer points. There can also be big fines against the Lyon club. Regarding the security of the stadium, we certainly need some netting. We come to that.

Should we take the example of what is happening in England?

In England, that no longer happens because violence has been eradicated for fifteen years. Touching a player, touching a referee, the match is over with heavy penalties. What I expect tomorrow is the preparation of exemplary sanctions. In criminal matters, you must not have your hand that trembles. Because these morons who sent the bottles to Dimitri Payet, they have nothing to do in a stadium. I hope they will be written off for life with firm penalties, or even jail. In any case, to be sent to a place where they will be out of harm’s way. There was perhaps a bit of carelessness in the stadiums, we will have to tighten the screws. Tighten control of health passes and identity checks.

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