A ball launcher to improve the recha

This ball launcher is perfect for learning to recha. Thanks to the repeated movements, the hitter can quickly learn to chase the ball.

« Compared to the ball delivered by a player, the success rate is almost 100%, confirms Lee Lambert. We have no waste and the pace is maintained, without the slightest downtime. It’s honestly an ideal tool. »

But we can also work on the counter-recha.  » We then move the machine in the rectangle, adds Joel. And, in this type of exercise, we also allow the tailpieces to work on the stop. »

The machine, which can hold a hundred balls, is regulated via a remote control. « You can adjust the machine to have very tight balls or on the ground, to improve the stop. You can also vary the length or the width, by sending the ball once to the left, to the center, then to the right, to perfect trips. »

Adjustment is made for height, direction and also speed. The machine can launch at a ball speed of up to 120 km/h.

With the use of this pitcher, coaches can focus on the hitter and correct the gesture, the placement. « With this device, the goal is to have a cadence of balls to repeat a movement. »

Enough to allow each budding pelotari to progress effectively.

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