’90s Bulls caught in shameful scandal

High school basketball should be fun, a good way to spend and learn teamwork … Unfortunately, a young player did not understand these values ​​and was the author of a totally filthy gesture on the floor. His father, a former NBA player, had to get involved in the scandal.

300,000 views in 4 days, that’s what we can call a real buzz on social networks… And that’s the number of people who viewed a terrible video relayed by the mother of a young 15-year-old basketball player. Led by more than 10 points in this match between high school girls, a teenager was slightly heckled on a missed long-distance shot, and by getting up, she decided, incomprehensibly, to put a huge blow to her defender. The victim’s mother spoke out on Instagram.

Former Bulls Corey Benjamin apologizes for his daughter

THAT… it makes me sick right down to my guts. It happened to my daughter during her match. There is absolutely no room for such behavior in basketball, and I don’t care about your fame !! This mother told her daughter to “go hit her,” and my daughter received a completely unjustified punch. The mother and daughter showed no remorse and did not apologize. Youth sport must change.

“I don’t care about your celebrity”… This is THE phrase that caught the attention of all Internet users. If no one has managed to find the identity of this teenager, a man has come out of the silence to assume his responsibilities: Corey Benjamin, a player who worked for the Bulls between 1998 and 2001. He openly apologized in an interview with NBCLA after this violent altercation.

To the young player hit by my daughter: I sincerely apologize and wish you a good and quick recovery, both physically and psychologically. To her family I also apologize and regret what happened to your daughter, she did not deserve it at all. Finally, I apologize to everyone who was shocked by the actions of my daughter and her mother. I wish you all the best.

If his daughter and the mother of the latter behaved shamefully that has nothing to do in a basketball hall, Corey Benjamin was exemplary in apologizing publicly to the young player stricken, her family, and everyone shaken by this Instagram video. Hopefully the sanctions will be exemplary and up to this foul gesture. Especially since it was not the first time …

It’s unclear if Corey Benjamin is still with his daughter’s mother or if he plays a regular role in her upbringing, but he shouldn’t to be proud following this video… He at least had the decency to apologize publicly.

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