8,000 licensees in the starting blocks

Flip flops and beach towel are stored. Make way for crampons, ballet flats and other sneakers. The sporting recovery has started – or will start – in the days to come. The FC Vesoul footballers were the first to return to the edge of the stadium and the synthetic turf, followed closely by the handball players. Other sports have never stopped, such as motocross (the pilots meet on Sunday September 4 in Frotey), cyclists (Prix de Montigny-lès-Vesoul, this Sunday) or triathletes. Vesoul, a sports city and « Terre de Jeux 2024 » in the same way as Montigny-lès-Vesoul, is ready to welcome its athletes.

The after Covid. “The clubs have not yet returned to their pre-Covid level in terms of the number of licensees. This will come back in particular for the associations which offered indoor activity, ”said Marie-Line Martin, assistant in charge of sports at the Vesoul urban community. Nearly 8,000 licensees are expected.

Sports facilities. The CAV records and manages 15 sports facilities: the aerodrome, the sailing base, the bowling alleys, the motocross circuit, the René-Michel Billet sports complexes in Noidans-lès-Vesoul, Vaivre-et-Montoille, Michel-Roy and Pontarcher in Vesoul. “Our equipment is full as eggs”, image the elected. “I advise an association that wants to launch an activity to first come and ask us because the slots are taken. 95% of slots are renewed from one year to the next”. The house of associations hosts the gym, the dojo, the shooting room, the table tennis.

Swimming pools. Le Ludolac closes on Wednesday August 31. Noidans-lès-Vesoul, under construction since the end of June, reopens in September. The Ducklings and Pontarcher in Vesoul will be open normally.

Drought. The lawns suffered from the lack of water. In Vesoul, football takes advantage of synthetic facilities to train in optimal conditions. On the rugby side, training is carried out on part of the Pontarcher stadium to preserve the honor stadium which has suffered. The cadets and juniors return to training this Wednesday at 2 p.m.

Finance. “Our clubs are financially healthy,” announces the assistant in charge of sports. Subsidies were maintained at 85% despite the Covid and the fact that many events or competitions did not take place. In 2022, €220,000 was allocated to the club according to criteria linked to the number of licensees, the age of the licensees, the level of practice. €29,200 is allocated to the top level.

Judo. The judokas return on September 6. New: renewed floor mats and the « return » of Gabriel Marandan as technical director. 7e Dan, the judoka, who notably trains teachers at the national level, takes over the reins of the club with Emmanuel Gindro, the president.

Sports Day. Fixed Saturday, September 10 (10 a.m. – 5 p.m.), Sports Day allows you to discover all the associations and activities offered. The advantage: you can test all sports. Information: www.vesoul.fr. The directory of sports associations is out. It is available at the sports department of the City of Vesoul.

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