$ 75,000 fine for dredging up Steph Curry!

One year from the end of his contract with the Warriors, Stephen Curry logically attracts the interest of several franchises. One of them, and more precisely its president, was however a little too pressing on the networks, and paid a heavy price!

Of course, the 2021-22 season will be a major issue for the franchise as a whole. Absent from the playoffs for 2 years, the Warriors want to return to the Finals that they have so often attended in the past decade. For this, they intend to take advantage of the last good years of their trio Klay Thompson – Draymond Green – Stephen curry.

But the other reason that forces Golden State to give everything next year, is none other than the contractual situation of its star leader. This one will see his lease end at the end of the next exercise, and already receives many calls from the foot. One of them also intervened a few days ago, on Twitter, while the Chef congratulated the 30-point card achieved by his little brother, Seth, during Game 5 between Sixers and Wizards.

Steph Curry: Hey yo Seth Curry… You made a carnage tonight!

Daryl Morey: Join them

President of the basketball operations of the Sixers, Daryl Morey thus delivered this funny tweet, which, apparently, suggests to Steph to come find his brother in Pennsylvania soon. By virtue of its position, the executive obviously caused a huge buzz with this statement. He subsequently tried to explain it, in a rather confused way.

God damn guys, I’m talking about how excited we all are that Seth Curry is here at the Sixers – nothing else!

Not convinced by this explanation? Imagine… neither the NBA. Adam Silver and his assistants have in fact only waited a few days to react to this whole affair, and for this has employed great means.

76ers president Daryl Morey and the franchise were both fined $ 75,000 for breaking the league’s anti-tampering rule. The fine comes in response to a June 3 social media post by Morey regarding Warriors star Stephen Curry.

The league visibly perceived Morey’s post in the same way as most Internet users, and therefore decided to heavily sanction him, like his employer. After that, not sure that the former GM of the Rockets shares his recruiting speeches on the web again. Or at least, with more subtlety.

If they want to be able to assume Stephen Curry’s salary within two years, the Sixers and their president will have to avoid repeating this kind of slippage. By force, the boxes risk quickly emptying, and therefore derail all their procedures.

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