697th circuit: Albert Pujols surpasses Alex Rodriguez

Last night, Albert Pujols hit his 696th career home run. He was tied with Alex Rodriguez for fourth in MLB history.

He therefore had 22 games to hit four home runs if he hoped to hit the 700 home run mark. And this afternoon, he took matters into his own hands with his circuit #697.

So here he is three home runs from the 700 mark with 21 games to play this year.

As he intends to retire in a few weeks, he will logically not be able to join the top-3 in history, but he still has an enviable place.

What we notice is that Pujols got the start on first base (in the absence of Paul Goldschmidt), despite the presence of a right-handed gunner. We know that now he mainly excels against lefties.

And his home run #697 was also hit against a right-handed reliever… much to the delight of his good friend Yadier Molina.

Note that the score was 2-1 for Pittsburgh in the ninth when he hit his two-run homer in Pennsylvania. The Cards eventually won 4-3, which is meant to be an important home run.

Let’s hope to see him play often to hit three homers in his team’s last 21 games before the start of the playoffs.

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