640 hp of thermal pleasure

A facelift and a cure of additional horses on the program to accompany the Porsche Panamera at the end of its career.

Future Porsche Panamera Turbo GT (2022) – Even for specialists in sports vehicles, the economic equation seems difficult to solve between the electrification of the range and the maintenance of the thermal. For Porsche, in particular, the investments are proving miraculous to mount its future models on battery, when the thermal still has a colossal stake with its conservative clientele. Therefore, it would seem that the Zuffenhausen firm is moving towards extending the life of its models powered by fossil fuels, in order to achieve substantial savings. Witness the Panamera limousine, which will benefit froma second restyling, in the coming months, six years after its launch, when it has already gone through the box facelift in 2020.

A redesigned face

This is in any case what seems to indicate the prototype recently crossed by our scoop hunters. Nothing revolutionary in appearance, but we notice unique front bumpers with a slim opening above the license plate holder. There are also revised air intakes around which are erected vertical light signatures. At the bow, the changes appear more tenuous.

Up to 640 hp 100% thermal

For its part, the interior of this new Porsche Panamera could adopt a minimalist gear lever echoing that of the 911, as well as a updated infotainment system, in the same way as the ambiences of trimmings. But it is above all under the hood that we hope to see the Zuffenhausen sedan evolve, with the introduction ofa Turbo GT variant, like the Porsche Cayenne, a few months ago, to raise his power level to 640 hp and 850 Nm of torque, with a view to dethroning the Turbo S to become the most powerful 100% thermal model in the range.

Until 2025 in the catalog?

The arrival of this new Porsche Panamera is expected in the course of 2022, and should therefore coincide with a reorganization of the range, before a whole new generation replaces it in 2025, i.e. 9 years after its launch.

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