« 60 million euros for a flop »: 87 goals and 134 assists later, Kevin De Bruyne mocks an English newspaper (photo)

Kevin De Bruyne has now been at Manchester City for 7 years. An incredible adventure, while the Red Devil is considered one of the legends of the club, he who collects goals and assists. In 313 appearances, he scored 87 goals and provided 134 assists. He is therefore to be credited with an absolutely dazzling career, but when he arrived, some were skeptical.

This was particularly the case of the Mirror, which had released a merciless coverage about KDB. At the time, they were talking about the madness of a transfer of 60 million euros for ‘A Chelsea flop’calling it « rejection at 60 million euros ». All as he was emerging from an 18-month high-flying spell at Wolfsburg. 7 years later, De Bruyne decided to bring out this cover to make fun of it directly on social networks.

His former teammate, Luka Nmecha, also revealed a sequence where Sky Sports consultants also gave a negative opinion. « The world is going crazy. The amount they are going to pay for this boy, they are crazy ». « He’s a good player, but is he ready to become a great player? We had already seen him in a big English club and it didn’t work out. I don’t see anything special about him »they had notably launched. « We love seeing it again »reacted the former Mancunian, who visibly adores our compatriot.

7 years later, after twice winning the championship’s best player award, ‘KDB’ has everyone in agreement.

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